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UNICEF and its partners have combated maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) across the globe through education, outreach, and mass immunization drives. In addition to delivering tetanus vaccines to even the remotest areas by any means necessary — including on horseback and even on foot — UNICEF has trained traditional midwives and birth attendants in safe birthing practices and distributed safe birthing kits. To help stem the tide of MNT, UNICEF has also supported prenatal care and a wide range of other maternal and newborn health services.

Overview of ELININATE

Since 1999, UNICEF and its partners have immunized nearly 100 million women with two or more doses of the vaccine and eliminated the disease in 41 countries. Countries that have validated the elimination of MNT include Sierra Leone, Gabon, Laos and Madagascar. MNT still remains a deadly threat in 18 countries. 

Kiwanis is a global organization. Helping children in underdeveloped countries is just as valid as helping children in Bryan, College Station and the seven county area that make up the Brazos Valley. Over a five year period our club raised $32,505.54 to support ELIMINATE using proceeds from our Pancake Day annual event.