Kiwanis Club of Conroe Noon, Texas

A group of dedicated Conroe citizens (Turman S. Kimbro, Robert Dean, J. Robert Liles, William T. Hooper, Ernest Massey, Charlie Quinn, and Raymond T. Weisinger) got together in 1952 to form the Kiwanis Club of Conroe. The Club Charter was issued on April 22, 1952 and the first President was S. Emory Moore.

Shortly after the Club was formed, Judge Will Browder, asked the members to consider establishing a child care facility to aid the court in making temporary placements of children who had been abandoned or were ward to the court. After much deliberation, the Club decided to move forward with planning such a facility. William T. (Bill) Moran donated a 25 acre tract north of town to the Club to be used for the facility. At this time, the Club made the decision to incorporate as a not for profit with the State of Texas and the Charter was issued on June 11, 1954. At that time, Officers and Directors of the Club were Gerald J. Creighton, Jr., Dick Nuttor, S.C. Robertson, Al Ware, Ernest Coker, Jr., Milton B. McGee, Art Curley, Phil Barziza, and Arlie Brannon.

Jerry Futch, who was a member of the Club, operated a home building business and provided a majority of the materials to construct the child care facility. Over the years, the facility saw over 1,000 children go through its doors. The facility remained under the supervision of the Club until 1980 when the laws governing child care facilities changed and the Club was no longer eligible to operate the facility. Buckner Child Care was contracted to be the new operator of the facility and later it was transferred to Montgomery County Youth Services, who continue to operate the facility.