The Kiwanis Club of College Station, Texas  

is Involved in the Brazos Valley

Just south of town our emblem is prominately displayed.

If you are interested in our club, please look at these two videos that we had made to highlight two of our major projects:

The above video is the 65th Annual Pancake Day on February 25, 2017

The above video is our most recent Child Car Safety Seat Checkup Event was on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Each year our Kiwanis Club is blessed to receive a donation from the Chilifest project. This year, May 16, 2017, we received $2000.

Chilifest 2017 was a success as a community of volunteers worked together to deliver an event that was safe and fun! For over 26 years, Chilifest Inc. has been able to give sizable contributions to many local organizations and charities, which have totaled OVER THREE MILLION DOLLARS since its inception. 

A minimum of ten Youth Leadership Awards are granted annually by the Past Lieutenant Governor’s Association (PLGA) with the purpose of recognizing the adults who give countless hours of dedicated service as mentors and leaders to our Service Leadership Programs. These men and women get very little pay or recognition. The intended result of this effort is to strengthen the bond between local Kiwanis clubs, schools and the Service Leadership Programs, and contributing to the growth of the Texas-Oklahoma Foundation. The cost of this award is funded by the PLGA. The award consists of a thank you note announcing a $100 donation to the Texas-Oklahoma Foundation, in the name of the person recognized for distinguished and dedicated service to the sponsored program named, and an inscribed wooden wall plaque. Winners will be announced at the Service Leadership youth convention for Key Club and CKI.

For the 2016-2017 Kiwanis year, our club nominated Peggy Sue Hyman for a PLGA Youth Leadership Award for her tireless effort to assist our Sponsored Youth programs. In the picture above, Lynn DeGeorge, Lt. Gov. of Division 9 of the Texas/Oklahoma District of Kiwanis, presents to plaque to Peggy Sue.

Judy Tang, President of our Texas A&M University Circle K International (CKI), came to our regular meeting on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 and presented us with a plaque from Texas/Oklahoma District CKI proclaiming that we were an Outstanding Sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Agustin Treviño, President of the Kiwanis Club of College Station, Texas, gratefully accepted the award.

We inducted three new members into our club at our regular meeting on Tuesday, March 7. Left to right, Beverly Kuhn, Jessica Hinkle and Nancy Johnson. President Agustin Treviño gave each a membership cerificate, a membership pin and some Kiwanis emblems.

Click on logo for main website for Texas Ramp Project.

Have you ever changed a person’s life in a single day? The Texas Ramp Project does it hundreds of times a year! We build wheelchair ramps for disabled or elderly people who can’t afford to buy one. In a few hours on a Saturday morning, we give these folks the freedom to leave their home again—the home where they want to remain but whose steps have imprisoned them.

For an overview of the project, please click here.

Since January, 2009, the Kiwanis Club of College Station has been building ramps for those in need. We have teamed up with churches and other community groups to make this happen. During 2016, we built 79 ramps.We had media coverage of the Texas Ramp project on KBTX, our local TV station. Please click here to look at the construction of ramp #485.